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Dryer Repair

Dryer Repair in Dallas

A dryer lasts approximately 10 years, possibly up to 15. What is the key to your driver sticking it out for over a decade? Maintaining it and making small repairs before small problems become big ones. If you can make repairs yourself, that’s great, but most people cannot. If you’re “most people”, you need a local dryer repair expert to help you keep this appliance in tip-top shape. Trust Appliance & Air Care Experts be your go-to dryer repair experts.

Common Dryer Problems in the Dallas Area

A dryer is not an appliance you want to delay repairing. Most issues only cause minor inconveniences, but a dryer overheating can be a fire hazard. From big to small, here are some of the most common dryer issues.

    The Dryer Won’t Turn On

    The best thing to do in this situation is to check the power source. Is the dryer plugged in? Has a breaker been tripped? Call us if you have checked both and there is still no power. There might be power, but there could be a damaged power cord, door switch, or circuit board among other issues. Our trained technicians will pinpoint the problem quickly.

    Excessive Noise

    Your dryer has many moving parts, and a drum inside will usually spin. The motor also generates heat, and that will make some noise, too. However, the noise should not be excessive. If there are unusual noises, it is time to call in the experts to take a look. And, the sooner you tackle the problem, the better chance it will be of an easier and less expensive fix.

    Clothing is Still Wrinkled

    Your clothing should come out of the dryer both dry and wrinkle-free. Some people use the dryer to remove wrinkles, throwing in dry clothing for a few minutes to smooth it out. If your dryer has completed a cycle and the clothes are still wrinkled, there is a problem.

    It could be that the wrinkles are due to putting too heavy a load in the dryer, so try a smaller load and see if it doesn’t solve the problem. You can also try emptying the lint trap. If your clothes are wrinkled and still a little wet, it could be the heating element that needs to be replaced. We can help

    The Dryer Doesn’t Tumble

    The drum inside the dryer should spin to tumble the clothes and provide uniform heating throughout the dryer. If the drum is off-balance or the belt is broken, the drum might not spin at all or it may spin at an odd angle.

    Without proper rotation, the clothes will not dry properly and might appear wrinkled. And, the longer you leave the drum like this, the more it can damage your dryer. This is definitely a time when you should call in the professionals.

    The Dryer isn’t Producing Heat

    If a dryer does not produce heat, well, it is not a dryer. If there is no heat, or not enough heat, first check your settings before you call for help. Be sure that you have the dryer set to the correct setting

    The most common problems are a faulty thermal fuse and a broken temperature control switch. Our expert technicians can correct both problems.

    Dryer Overheating

    The opposite of the above problem is that your dryer might produce too much heat, which can damage clothing. And, in extreme circumstances, it can cause a fire. A lot of combustible material can accumulate in your vents, especially if you are not cleaning them. Over 2,900 homes a year burn down because of dryer fires, and the heat in Dallas makes homes particularly susceptible, so be aware.

    When it comes to overheating, your thermostat is likely broken, and this is not a job that you should tackle yourself (unless you know what you are doing). The longer you wait to call this in, the greater the risk of damage to your dryer and your home.

Skilled in Repairing All Makes and Models of Dryers

We have served the Dallas area for many years. We have the knowledge and skills to help you. Our dryer repair technicians receive the best training and our decades of experience go a long way. Over the years, we have attended to every brand of the dryer, including:

  • Amana

  • Bosch

  • Fisher & Paykel

  • Electrolux

  • Frigidaire

  • GE

  • Haier

  • Hotpoint

  • Insignia

  • Kenmore

  • LG

  • Maytag

  • Miele

  • Samsung

  • Speed Queen

  • Whirlpool

It does not matter if you have a top-loader, a compact dryer, or an eco-friendly model, at Appliance & Air Care Experts, we have the know-how to fix it.

Trust Appliance & Air Care Experts with Your Dryer Repair in Dallas

No one wants to be without a dryer. Living in Dallas, we know that the people are always on the go enjoying our city. All this activity means going through a lot of clothes—hard to keep up with if you don’t have a working dryer.

We have served the Dallas, Highland Park, and University Park areas since 1974, and we hope that you will trust us with all your dryer repair and maintenance needs. We strive to get to you on the same day you call us, and we will do our best to get your home back to normal again.

If you are looking for a company you can trust, look no further. At Appliance & Air Care Experts, we pride ourselves on being the best. We live, work, and play in Dallas, and we don’t think of you as a potential customer, but rather as another member of our vibrant community.

Give us a call today to see how we can help.

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