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Ice Maker Repair

Ice Maker Repair in Dallas

Ice makers are becoming standard with most refrigerators but, while they provide an added level of convenience, they can also invite problems. If your ice maker breaks down, it could leak, flood, or jam up. It might not seem like a big deal for the ice maker to break down, but in the high Dallas heat you’ll soon miss the convenience of an ice-cold drink. Call your local ice maker repair experts at Appliance & Air Care Experts.

Common Causes of Ice Maker Failure

    Ice makers are relatively simple but may break down for many reasons. Keep an eye on these things to ensure your ice maker continues functioning.

    Pause Feature Enabled

    Most ice makers have a pause function that temporarily stops the machine from making ice. The problem could be as simple as that. Check that the ice maker has not been paused or turned off.

    Water Line Malfunction or Setting

    Your ice machine needs water to function; if it is not getting that water, you will not get ice. First, check that the water supply is connected and has not become shut off or blocked. Look out for any leaks or valves that have been shut off accidentally.

    Clogged Filter

    Your filter will ensure that the water used for the ice is clean, but it will become clogged over time. If you have a permanent filter, you should be able to take it out and clean it, or you can replace the filter.

    Temperature too High

    If the internal temperature is too high, ice will not form. You might be able to change this setting on your fridge or ice maker, but it could also be a fault that needs a professional to fix.

    Malfunctioning Control Arm

    The control arm ensures you have the right ice level in the ice maker. The control arm might be broken or blocked if there is constantly too little or too much ice. Check that nothing in your freezer is pressing against it.

    Faulty Water Inlet Valve

    The inlet water valve allows the water into the ice maker and is controlled to ensure the right amount of water enters. It might be shut off, but if not, the circuitry could be at fault, and you might have to call someone out.

    Thermostat Set too Low

    The ice maker will not work properly if the thermostat is set too low or too high. Check the user manual to ensure the thermostat is set correctly.

Tips to Keep Your Ice Machine Running

    Inspect the Ice Machine Weekly

    The best way to catch any problems is to catch them early. By inspecting the ice maker every week, you will notice if there is any build-up, if the ice is being made correctly, and you can watch for any leaks.

    Double Check Quality of Cleaning

    Your ice maker should be cleaned regularly (we recommend once a month). This involves turning it off, defrosting it, and cleaning it. This will stop any build-up that can stop the maker from working and remove any mold and mildew that can be dangerous to your health.

    Increase Cleaning Frequency

    Clean your ice machine as your manual instructs, knowing you should increase the cleaning frequency as needed. If you use the ice machine a lot, this can help keep it humming, but you will certainly need to do it if you notice a lot of build-up.

Knowledgeable in All Models and Brands of Ice Makers

At Appliance & Air Care Experts, we have been fixing ice makers for almost fifty years. This has given us the unique knowledge and skills that let us fix almost any type of ice maker. We live and work in the Dallas area, so we know how important it is to have a functioning ice maker for those extra-hot days. We use the best parts, and we can fix any model and brand out there, including:

  • Viking

  • Magic Chef

  • Igloo

  • New Air

  • GE

  • Aglucky

  • Costway

  • Whynter

  • Edgestar

  • Williams-Sonoma

Trust Appliance & Air Care Experts with Your Ice Machine Repair in Dallas

When you need an ice machine repair, you can trust Appliance & Air Care Experts's technicians. We have been in business since 1974 and are a locally-owned family business. We know what it takes to satisfy customers in the Dallas, Highland Park, and University Park areas, and we don't think of you as our customers—we think of you as our family and friends.

If you have an ice maker that is not making any ice, or if you are worried about a small leak becoming a big one and potentially damaging your kitchen, call the experts that Dallas trusts.

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