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Garbage Disposal Repair

Garbage Disposal Repair in Dallas

The kitchen garbage disposal is possibly one of the most convenient kitchen appliances. Messy food scraps can be gone instantly, but if you don’t care for your disposal properly, you’ll need to replace it sooner rather than later. We want to help you keep your garbage disposal working perfectly so you can keep your sink and pipes clean. If you notice that your garbage disposal is making weird noises, doesn't deal with garbage like it used to, or just doesn’t work, it is time to call DFW's appliance repair professionals. Appliance & Air Care Experts is here to help with your garbage disposal repair in Highland Park or University Park.

Garbage Disposal Repair Dallas

Common Garbage Disposal Issues

A garbage disposal can help you to keep your kitchen sparkling clean, and it also helps remove organic matter that can stink and attract pests. But, just like your stove or washer, there will come a time to repair or replace it. There can be a great number of signs that you will need to call an appliance repair expert in the Dallas area:

    Not Grinding Properly

    A garbage disposal is supposed to grind whatever is put in it so it can be washed away. If it is not grinding, and you have had the appliance for a long time, it could be that the blades have become blunt. Or, the motor might have been worn down enough that it does not have the power to grind properly. Our Dallas appliance repair experts can come diagnose the problem for you and maybe even fix it on the spot.

    Loud or Weird Noises

    A garbage disposal can make a lot of noise, especially when grinding certain waste, but it should not be overly loud, and weird noises can indicate that it is not working properly. If you are hearing weird noises from the unit, we recommend turning the appliance off until you can have one of our garbage disposal repair experts in Dallas come out to take a look.

    Shuts Off Intermittently

    There are often automatic shutoffs in a garbage disposal unit, but if the unit is shutting off quickly after you turn it on, there might be a problem with the sensors or switches. Our appliance repair experts in University Park can come to take a look. Because we keep the most common parts on our trucks, we can often fix the unit in the same visit.

    Leaky Garbage Disposal

    Leaks, which are usually caused by cracked pipes or faulty dishwashers, can cause a lot of damage. Cracked pipes will wear down over time, but if you have a newer garbage disposal, it can signal a more significant problem. Call our appliance repair company in Dallas, and we'll figure out the cause of your leak and what is needed to fix it.

    Water Doesn’t Drain

    If the water in your garbage disposalis not draining, the valves in the unit might be faulty. This problem can stop you from using the unit until it is fixed, so be sure to call us for help as quickly as possible. A sink that isn’t draining through the disposal will make food prep and clean up miserable.

Garbage Disposal Care Tips

Time is the root cause of most garbage disposal issues in Highland Park and Dallas. If you are using the garbage disposal as intended and following the instructions in the user guide, you will lessen the need for repair. Follow the tips below to maximize the life of your garbage disposal:

    Watch Your Waste

    You can put a lot of different organics down your garbage disposal but, as with everything, moderation is key especially when it comes to certain foods. Try to space out some organics, and allow for ample flushing. Don’t put large amounts of peels, eggshells, fish skin, grease, or coffee grounds down the garbage disposal.

    Keep it Fresh

    You should clean your garbage disposal regularly. It’s relatively easy to do. Along with gently scrubbing the interior (when it is turned off), you can then grind some ice cubes to better clean the blades. Finally, feed in a cut up lemon and grind to freshen the unit.

    Treat Bacteria

    It can be hard to kill bacteria in the disposal unit unless you use our pro tip: Once a month, sprinkle some baking soda into the unit and then rinse with vinegar. This will cause a reaction that will help to clean and sanitize the garbage disposal unit.

Skilled in Repairing All Makes and Models of Garbage Disposals

We have served the Dallas community since 1974 and know how to repair all kinds of garbage disposals. Our DFW appliance technicians have seen it all (literally), and we always stock commonly-needed parts in our vans, so we are ready to go as soon as we arrive at your home. We have experience with almost every brand of garbage disposal, including:

  • Insinkerator

  • Moen

  • Waste King

  • Garburator

  • KitchenAid

  • WasteMaid

  • Everbilt

  • Whirlpool

  • GE

  • American Standard

  • Frigidaire

Call Appliance & Air Care Experts for Garbage Disposal Repair in the Dallas Area

We know how vital a garbage disposal is to keeping your kitchen clean, and we want to aid you in that. If you need to talk to someone about Dallas garbage disposal repair, contact us 24/7 by calling (214) 546-6339 or request an appointment online. We are available every day (including weekends) to help you with all your garbage disposal repair needs in Highland Park and University Park. When looking for an appliance repair company in DFW you can trust, we are here for you. Get in touch by phone or through our site today.

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